The Skyline family of companies was voted a Best Place to Work. How did we make the list? It’s simple — it’s our values, it’s our passion and most importantly it’s our people.


Here’s what our employees had to say about working at Skyline…


“When I was looking for a new job, Skyline immediately caught my eye. Between being employee focused, encouraging more women to be in the construction industry, the benefits, and the clear family culture, I was hooked. I wondered if it would really stay true once I started working there and I am happy to say it has! I absolutely love the people I work with and I could not ask for a more supportive team. There is flexibility when you need it and everyone has your back. I work with a great group of extremely hard working people who are still able to make work fun. I feel very fortunate to work here and I am excited to see what the future has in store!”


“Skyline is without a doubt the best company to work for in the Bay area. To name a few reasons: the culture, compensation, attitude, opportunities to grow your career, and work-life balance is a focus to all employees. Looking forward to work every day is the atmosphere Skyline creates. I’ve been doing this for 38 years in the Bay Area. I’ve seen enough to rate by comparison. Skyline is where you want to work if you want your accomplishments appreciated, rewarded, and celebrated.”


“Skyline is the most genuine company I have worked for. Everyone, at ALL levels, has been nothing but good to me. Skyline goes out of its way to make this a great place to work. The people are down the earth, the benefits are wonderful and the work is fun. I really appreciate the diversity that lives within Skyline as well. Especially in the construction industry, this is rare. The people of Skyline make it a great place to work. They are at the core of its success, and leadership recognizes and rewards that. As an ESOP, we take great pride in our work and our teams. I have never worked with such a highly committed, genuine group of people.”


“Although I am, to date, only three months into my employment, I have been employed in the industry for a couple of decades by other good employers, so my basis of comparison is, fortunately with other strong companies. Not one former company can measure up to Skyline’s commitment across the board to professionalism on such multiple levels as communication, demand from me to do my own best as far as “owning” control of my own work and participating far more meaningfully with its clients. This is not a company for people who want to slide by or fail. This is a company where commitment to the tasks at hand are supported by all in an uplifting environment.”